Why We Have The Best Prices


Price is always a major consideration when choosing any hazardous waste disposal service.

IDR has implemented some of the best prices in the industry to get your waste disposed of quickly and efficiently without breaking your wallet!

Fast Pickup

Fast Pickup used to mean your waste was picked up in pickup truck and delivered anywhere.

IDR uses only the best equipment in the industry and certified professional drivers to transport and dispose of your waste fast and legally!

Exactly What You Need

An Industry Focused Hazardous Waste Disposal Company

We’ve helped a variety of companies realize the benefits of proper waste management. Over the years, we’ve developed a deep understanding of these key industries.

Don’t See Your Industry?
No Problem! In addition to these key industries, we handle many other types of hazardous waste pickups


From non-haz to radioactive.
Experienced, affordable and
flexible to your schedule

Certified Product Dispsoal

Reliable cost effective solutions.
to ensure your product is
disposed of correctly.


Neutralization sumps, fast service,
chemical sorting and compliant


No Contracts, case by case pricing, cancel when you want. Specialist working management companies.


Approved vendor. TWIC
certified drivers. We’ll work
with your budget.

Commercial Real Estate

Fast service and experts in handling
simple to complicated waste

See How Companies Just Like Yours Are Saving Money With IDR

Hospital Management Company
Company Saved $50,000 a Month

“We helped this client realize a $50,000 a month savings by implementing a specific program designed to segregate their waste streams more efficiently. Seeing areas, where others had missed, we brought this client into compliance with California law and streamlined their waste disposal program to ensure future savings.


COO, IDR Environmental Services

Local City Municipality

“Ridiculous pricing, too small to handle, refusals to even call the customer back, left this small city municipality with a big problem. Being responsive and fair priced, we not only handled their problem, but were able to offer additional services resulting in a trusting relationship.”


VP, IDR Environmental Service

Beauty Industry Manufacturer

“This client’s previous vendor sold their products on the back market without their permission. They needed a certified product disposal company that had the integrity and experience to handle the disposal of over 1,000,000 finished goods. They needed assurances that the disposal was performed and at a competitive price”


COO, IDR Environmental Services

IDR Offers A Variety Of Additional Services


California law currently views nonfunctioning CRTs (cathode ray tubes) from televisions and monitor as hazardous. Our program offers our clients a hassle free way to dispose of their e-waste.

Lab Pack

Our Lab Pack Services have the most competitive labor rates! Our practice is to give our customers confidence that all materials packaged will be segregated into the proper hazard class and stored into DOT approved containers.

Industrial Cleaning

IDR can handle all of your industrial cleaning projects. Our Project Managers and technicians are experienced in cleaning a variety of equipment, tanks, and entire facilities.

Pharmaceutical Waste

We understand that pharmaceutical waste is not one single waste stream, but many distinct waste streams that reflect the diversity of the chemicals that encompass pharmaceuticals.

Emergency Response

IDR staff have been trained and certified, in addition to having extensive experience, in handling emergency response situations. The IDR team is available and ready 24 hours a day, 365 days per year.

Facility Closures

We also performs all types of facility closures, which require maximum attention to ensure that the closure is performed in a liability free manner and is kept within strict time guidelines

The Top Ten
Hazardous Waste Violations
& How To Avoid Them

Walmart fined $82 Million Over Mishandling of Hazardous Wastes

Don't Let This Be You!

Knowing how to identify the potential problems associated with hazardous waste can prove to be a costly mistake if not done correctly. Our latest ebook will walk you through the Top 10 Hazardous Waste Violations and give you solutions to help you avoid them.

A few of the things you will learn are:

  • What are regulators looking for
  • The most common reasons companies get fined
  • What you can do about it NOW!

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Sometimes you think you're doing everything right. You’re complying...
Sometimes you think you're doing everything right. You’re complying...
Sometimes you think you're doing everything right. You’re complying...

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