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Over 40 years of lab pack services both locally and nationally to safely remove, recycle and dispose of unneeded or unwanted chemicals.

Can All Lab Pack Waste Be Consolidated Into One Storage Container?

If you don’t quite know the answer, you are not alone. This is why our lab pack services concentrate in 3 areas.

Regulatory Adherence

Knowing how a disposal facility accepts lab pack waste and the DOT requirements needed can make a huge difference in the price you pay.

What Does A Lab Pack Service Include?

A lab pack is a process of managing hazardous and non-hazardous materials (including laboratory or medical chemicals and samples, cleaning supplies and maintenance supplies) of five gallons or less for transportation and disposal.

Here’s a quick look at the process:
  • A highly trained professional will inventory, characterize, segregate and package expired and no longer needed chemicals and materials.
  • Items are typically segregated with compatible chemicals and then packaged into an appropriate container (typically 55-gallon drums) with compatible absorbent.
  • The containers are readied for shipment to meet all regulatory requirements, including labeling, manifesting the waste, and providing any additional required shipping documents
  • Based on generator preference, the waste is either removed the same day or scheduled on a routine basis.
  • Waste is picked up and transported in DOT-approved containers to its final destination the nearest permitted TSDF
  • The appropriate paperwork (manifests, shipping inventories, MSDS, etc.) is completed for shipment. Upon completion, the disposal company provides you with a complete and detail drum inventory and packing list and can arrange transportation and disposal as well.

Our Experts Can Assist You

Filled containers of chemical wastes should be stored no longer than 180 days before requesting a waste pickup. In addition, no more than 50 gallons of chemical waste may be stored in a laboratory at any one time. Because of this, and our expertise on handling this waste, we can handle any amount of chemical waste as needed.

Why Choose IDR?

We don’t just dispose of your waste, we get to know you and your company so we can recommend the safest and most economical method of proper disposal for you. IDR also has some of the most competitive labor rates in the industry.

Some Of The Free Services We Offer You

Best Practice Guidelines
Container Labeling And Marking
Container Management

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Drug Manufacturing W/ California Operations

Company Avoided A Catastrophic Shut Down And Saved Thousands

This pharmaceutical drug manufacturer opened a new plant in Southern California. Unfortunately they implemented their own states hazardous waste rules and regulations which did not meet California stricter standards. It was only a matter of time before the DTSC shut them down.

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