Pharmaceutical Waste Disposal

Medical waste is a major biohazard in facilities that need to be taken care of as soon as possible. We handle various types of materials and offer different types of services to fit your needs.

We Can Handle All Of Your Biohazards

Proper pharmaceutical waste management is a highly complex new frontier in environmental management for health care facilities. Failure to comply with hazardous waste regulations by improperly managing and disposing of such waste can result in potentially serious violations and large penalties. Don’t let this happe.n to your business. IDR’s professional technicians will be able to manage all of your hazardous waste problems in a compliant, affordable manner.

We understand that pharmaceutical waste is not one single waste stream, but numerous streams that mirror the differing qualities of the chemicals that are used within pharmaceuticals. Pharmaceutical waste is created by a wide assortment of procedures in medical services and laboratory facilities. Our trained representatives will bulk and consolidate, manifest, profile the waste streams on site and finally remove waste to an authorized facility for disposal.


Objects including needles, glass, and others

Pharmaceutical Waste

and other generic types of waste in the medical industry


waste disposal to eliminate hazardous materials.

Red Bags

containing various types of medical waste

Pathology Waste

including needles, glass, and others

Scheduled Pickups

for constant generators of hazardous waste.

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