Medical Waste Disposal

No one medical facility is the exactly the same as another one. Long term contracts and
complicated pricing can complicate a relationship before it starts.

IDR Offers A Simple Medical Waste Disposal Approach

No Contracts
No Fuss
Just Results
Save You Money
Reduce Your Liability
Maintain Regulated Standards

Due to our extensive experience in the medical waste disposal industry, we take a straight forward confidential process to:

IDR Offers A Simple Medical Waste Disposal Approach

Proper medical waste management is a highly complex new frontier in environmental management for health care facilities. Failure to comply with hazardous waste regulations by improperly managing or disposing of such waste can result in potentially serious violations and large penalties.

Don’t let this happen to your business!

Did you know that Bio Waste and Sharps are actually considered Pharmaceutical waste?

Medical Facility Closure

Extremely Hazardous Materials, Bankruptcy Courts, Trusts & Attorneys Complicated an Already Difficult Job

Certain jobs can be more complicated than others. As was the case with this medical facility that contained infectious, pharmaceutical and radioactive materials. Add in the bankruptcy court, trusts and attorneys and you caan see there was potential for catastrophe.

What do you think happened during the job?

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