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About Beauty Industry Manufacturer & Supplier

This company is a worldwide manufacturer and supplier to the beauty industry. Their products can be found in over 100 countries around the world and they are committed in providing high-quality products and services with a focus on industry safety and innovation.
Their corporate brand and product image are extremely important to them. They place a strong emphasis on corporate social responsibility by raising funds and awareness for numerous charities through retail partnerships and grassroots philanthropic initiatives.
Damage to their brand or image would cause significant damage to their business.

Their Problem


In any manufacturing process, things can sometimes go wrong. Everything from slight ingredient mistakes to incorrect packaging forces companies to look for a disposal process that offers them the protections they need.

In this particular case, the client was disposing of 1,000,000 bottles of nail polish and other large quantities of finished goods. Their previous vendor was “supposedly” disposing of their finished goods properly. In fact, the client found that the products that were given to the old vendor were actually being sold online and at swap meets rather than being disposed of.

The damage this was causing to their brand and market share was of great concern for the client.


What IDR Did


We were brought in based on our reputation as a certified product disposal company who could handle the size of the job and ensure their brand was protected.

We found a viable recycling solution to their solvents which aligned with their corporate philosophy. Tracked their shipment from pick up to final disposal with documentation to verify the destruction of their finished goods. Video and photo documentation were also available for the client to add an additional layer of evidence that their products were disposed of in accordance with their wishes.

Richard Espinosa
 “The confidence that the client had, in knowing their products would be disposed of appropriately, was invaluable to them.”

Richard Espinosa.   Vice President – IDR Environmental Services

The Outcome


The client had the security of knowing their products did not end up on the gray market. This ensured continued profitability and brand protection.


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