City Municipality By The Ocean

About City Municipality By The Ocean

This coastal Southern California city with a population of approximately 65,000 residents is a small quantity generator of hazardous waste.  Their generated waste is primarily from cleaning solvents used in city operations.  The city is dedicated to transparency for its residents and believes in protecting its environment so it remains safe and healthy for all residents and visitors.

Their Problem


This client couldn’t find a responsive local hazardous waste company to help them with a small quantity of hazardous waste located in their city yard. They had tried unsuccessfully to contact several local hazardous waste companies, but found most were unwilling to accept a job that had only a small of waste to dispose of. Other disposal companies quoted extremely high prices, given the type of waste to be removed, and several other companies never even bothered to call them back.


The municipality also being a government agency had to follow a “Three Bid” request protocol to accept a bid. They also have businesses and lots located throughout the city that at times have had issues with illegal dumping.


What IDR Did


We assessed the city’s needs and wrote a competitive bid, even though the job itself was quite small in nature. We were awarded the city contract on the original job, and sent one of our senior representatives out on the day of the job. At that time, we discussed the other services we offered. Immediately following the job, the city called us to remove some abandoned hazardous waste that was illegally dumped on their streets, twice within a few weeks. Each time we answered the call and immediately handled their problem.


We also took over the actual waste disposal of the waste streams. Rather than just, “taking their word,” that the waste was segregated correctly, we performed our own segregation inspection to ensure the waste streams were properly segregated and packed.

Richard Espinosa
 “Just by simply returning a phone call and offering a fair price, we were able to establish a trusting relationship that has yielded far more than just a one-time small job.”

Richard Espinosa.   V.P. – IDR Environmental Services

The Outcome


The City found a responsive and competitively priced company who was willing to handle their various hazardous waste needs. Our attention to their specific problems lead the City in appointing IDR as their “One Stop Shop” for the city’s hazardous waste needs. We are now their hazardous waste disposal / remediation company for the entire city, and are now referred to local businesses that have similar issues. All of the jobs that we have performed have gone exactly as quoted and planned with the help of our team members and staff.


While most companies were only interested in how much they could charge, going the extra mile established a trusting relationship and secured additional  contracts.


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