Medical Facility Closure

About Medical Facility

A large medical facility that handled patient care, surgeries, pharmacy and many other treatment protocols associated with a medical facility needed closing. Add in the mix of Trustee’s, Lawyers and the amount of contamination the facility had, and you have a potential disaster on your hands.

Their Problem


A large medical facility was closing down and needed substantial hazardous waste removal of chemical, pharmaceutical, infectious and radioactive materials.

The project was further complicated by the fact that certain parts of the medical facility was under the control of a Trust which was handled by an attorney’s firm, and the remaining sections of the medical facility were under the control of the bankruptcy courts.

The project demanded that all parties be served with the appropriate disposal certifications for the removal of the waste, and the entire scope of the project had to be completed within a certain time frame due to the scheduling of the next phase of the facility closure.


What IDR Did


Since IDR had previously closed several hospitals and medical facilities and had the experience and expertise to carry out this type of operation, we were selected by the Trust and bankruptcy court to perform the work. We performed the following work:


  • Removed all chemical, pharmaceutical, infectious and radioactive waste materials under State and Federal guidelines
  • Assisted in the removal of hospital records
  • Performed chemical removal on surgical and pathology apparatus
  • Relocated hospital property for preparation for sale by the court
Richard Espinosa
 “What could have become a nightmare for all parties involved, turned into a very satisfactory result for everyone.”

Richard Espinosa.   Vice President – IDR Environmental Services

The Outcome


The entire project was completed on-time and within budget. Both the Trust and Bankruptcy court were able to complete their transactions without any issues relating to the removal of the hazardous waste. As a result of the services we performed for the court, they retained us for additional closures which were also completed on-time and within budget.


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