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About Hospital Management Group

This hospital management company has been in business since 1966. They are one of the leaders in their industry providing quality of life services in over 80 countries around the world. Managing vendor relationships for their clients is a key component of the services they provide. They are always assessing costs and benefits associated with outside vendors to ensure their clients receive the best possible service at the best possible price.

Their Problem


With rules and regulations being so confusing and overwhelming in California, with regards to medical waste disposal, it made it very difficult for their staff to stay on top of the correct laws governing the disposal of their client’s hospital waste streams.

Managing hospitals in over 80 countries was making the process of managing medical waste disposal, especially in California, burdensome and costly.

In 4 hospitals they were managing they found that the hospital was improperly mixing sharps, red bag waste and pharmaceutical waste in the same improperly labeled container.

Using this process, they were disposing of the waste in landfills which is illegal. The hospitals current vendor was not segregating the waste and was shipping their containers “as is,” illegally. Large fines were being assessed the hospital as they are the waste generator forcing the management company to look for alternative solutions to their disposal process.


What IDR Did


We was asked to come in and assess the program they were utilizing to separating their wastes. We were able to identify the flaws in their current segregation system and put into place a process that would allow their client to seamlessly segregate their waste streams more efficiently and effective.

We also took over the actual waste disposal of the waste streams. Rather than just, “taking their word,” that the waste was segregated correctly, we performed our own segregation inspection to ensure the waste streams were properly segregated and packed.

After assisting on completing the correct manifesting of their waste streams, the waste was disposed of at the best TSDF facility for that particular waste stream.

Richard Espinosa
 “The processes we put into place for our client, not only saved our clients client $50,000 a month, it made us look like miracle workers and helped our client retain the contract.”

Richard Espinosa.   V.P. – IDR Environmental Services

The Outcome


As a result of the systems we implemented and the care with which we take on ensuring our clients waste streams are disposed of efficiently and cost effectively, the client eliminated the fines they were receiving and was once again in compliance with California law.


This resulted in a $50,000 a month savings for their client.

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