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About Car Manufacturer

This car company has been the racing and car manufacturing industry for over 67 years. Their manufacturing plant in Southern California manufacturer’s products that generate mixed solvents in large quantities. Their growing business began to cause problems for them in terms of their hazardous waste knowledge.

Their Problem


As the quantities of mixed solvents increased over the years, their status as a small quantity generator (SQG) was over. They were constantly going over the SQG limit and were being assessed fees based on their new status as a Large Quantity Generator. (LQG)

Dues to the lack of knowledge their personnel had regarding California law and they types of waste stream they were generating, their future as a LQG and the fees associated with it seemed inevitable.


What IDR Did


We were asked to come in take a look at their manufacturing process and the waste streams that were generated from it to see if we could come up with a different disposal solution for them. The LQG fees they were being assessed were eating away at their profit margins.

We began by sampling and testing all of their waste streams to determine exactly what we were dealing with.  The subsequent identification of the waste streams involved allowed us to use a little known law regarding excluded recyclable materials. A large number of their mixed solvents could be classified under this relatively new law.

We were also able to find and end user who could recycle the solvents for them.

Richard Espinosa
 “Eliminating the Large Quantity Generator status for this client, helped save them thousands of dollars in the short and long term future.”

Richard Espinosa.   Vice President – IDR Environmental Services

The Outcome


The client was able to eliminate their Large Quantity Generator status. This not only saved them a substantial amount of money on disposal costs but also on their licensing fees.  It also provided a recycling solution that benefits them in the marketplace.


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