Automobile Lubricants Manufacturer

About Automobile Lubricants Manufacturer

This family-owned company manufactures lubricants, additives, and cleaners for use in the automotive, heavy equipment, agricultural and industrial worlds. The company’s owners and family members have been, and still are, steeped in the automotive world. They formulate, manufacture and blend all of their products in the United Sates.

Their Problem


To be honest, the company actually didn’t seem to have a problem. As far as they were concerned, everything was fine with their disposal service.

However, as part of routine follow-up with this customer, we noticed that the types of waste streams they had could possibly be reclassified.

They were in the large hazardous waste generator class, which meant they were paying very high rates to dispose of their hazardous products. They were currently using a multi-national disposal company thinking they were being well taken care of.


What IDR Did


We realized that there was potential to have their waste streams reclassified under the Excluded Materials Rule. No one at their current vendor had even bothered to look at potential ways to save them more money. It seemed like the less the client knew the better it was for the multi-national company.

Due to our relationships with local and national disposal sites, we asked permission to take a sample of their waste to be tested. From experience, we knew that it may be possible to have their waste streams reclassified and found a disposal facility that could perform the necessary testing.

Raymond Rosales.
 “By taking the time to look at how to help a client, rather than determining how you can make as much money out of them as possible, we gained a new client!”

Raymond Rosales.   Vice President – IDR Environmental Services

The Outcome


The tests from the facility were successful. We could now dispose of their hazardous materials as an Excluded Material and change their generator status from large to small.

This change in the reclassification of their generator status and the declassification of the hazardous waste saved them 50% on their disposal costs!

It also meant that their reporting requirements were severely reduced and their EPA fees would be wiped out, due to the generator status change. We also filed their paperwork with the local Fire department to comply with local ordinances and CUPA.

Not only was the client extremely pleased, but the EPA is also thrilled that a once hazardous substance could now be treated in a safer and more effective way.


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